Aerstone Land Cask 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 40%

I’ve had both the new Aerstone Single Malts from William Grant and Sons for a while now and I’ve got to know them quite well and now I’ve figured out where they sit in terms of reach and target audience and they’ve done an okay job here too.

These appear to be an exclusive with Tesco and are currently £20 a bottle, let that sink in, this is a ten year old whisky, yeah it’s 40%, yeah it’s got a bit of colour too but that’s okay, I can live with that, is it any good though?

This is the Land Cask which is labelled as Rich and Smoky and matured further inland than the Sea Cask (you’ll get that review in a couple of days).

William Grant are not telling us where the whisky is actually distilled only that it is either matured by the sea or in warehouses inland but this is peated, could this be peated Glenfiddich? Could it be? No idea, I doubt it, is it? Gosh that’d be nice.

Anyway, these whiskies are made, in my opinion, for newbies to the whisky market, and it doesn’t need water.

Nose. Coal fires and road tar rather than peat, bonfires and roasted marshmallows, touch of citrus.

Palate. Gentle peat smoke, roasted chestnuts and peanut brittle, plum jam and a touch of spice.

Finish. Short and sweet, the peaty smoke lingers with a hint of nutmeg.

This is a beginners whisky, which I think is the point of this whisky, it’s a chance for people who want to try whisky get a ten year old single malt for twenty quid, whilst it’s on offer, and that is a bargain.

This isn’t a complex whisky, it hasn’t got huge depth, it’s straightforward, and it’s worth a punt.

I wasn’t sure about all this, it sounded like marketing bullshit, which of course it is but they’ve also produced a very decent whisky for very little money.

The Captain.



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