Glenfiddich Fire and Cane 43%

I’m going to take a punt here, I’ve always assumed that Glenfiddich started their experimental series to reach out to new whisky drinkers, sexy bottles, nice wee back stories and cool folk marketing them with cool marketing, and that’s okay, as long as the product is as sexy as the marketing team, sorry Mr Thomson, it’s your eyes, they just melt me.

Anyway, Fire and Cane, the forth installment to sit alongside the okay IPA, the excellent Project XX (Twenty) and the lovely but over priced, by about thirty or forty notes, Winter Storm, and this ladies and gents has absolutely nailed it, this is the one bottle of whisky that could make people throw their awful gin in the bin and turn to whisky.

It’s well priced for a start, it has, and this is a first for me I think, a really nice coloured bottle, if this is sold in supermarkets, and I’ve no idea if it will be, then those looking for a statement bottle will buy this.

It’s a cracking mix of traditional Glenfiddich as well as giving us a taste of peated Glenfiddich, check out here for my opinion of the single cask peat expression that went into this bottle and then everything is bundled into a rum cask and it is an absolute fucking triumph, maybe I’m in a good mood, although those who know me will know that’s unlikely or just perhaps it’s just such a fun and enjoyable dram.

I guess I better get on the review then.

For this I feel it needs just a drop of water.

Nose. There is a gentle waft of peat smoke more like an Ardmore or a lighter Highland Park than anything heavy duty, vanilla, toffee coins, apples softening in brown sugar, I get some sugary porridge and some rum soaked cherries and some burnt marshmallow.

Palate. Gentle smoke, the balance is perfect between the peat and the traditional Glenfiddich, the baked apples are here though, some pears in syrup, I taste some cinnamon (I appear to be very much alone here) candyfloss, gooseberry jam and then a touch of honeyed fig.

Finish. Shorter than perhaps a 46% or higher might leave, nice sweet burst and a lingering of gooseberry jam and the linger embers of my wood burning stove (I will admit that particular note is rather niche even for me).

And there we have it, this isn’t the best whisky I’ve tried, not even the best whisky I’ve tried this year but it absolutely fucking nails the brief of what an experiment is supposed to be and it’s a fun whisky, it’s approachable and it’s well priced and hopefully will be easy enough to get hold of.

This whisky has really cheered me up and stripped away some of my cynicism, if this doesn’t bring more people into the whisky fold I will eat my hat.

I have sampled this as part of a tasting event and have also bought a bottle, opened it and got right torn in.

One thing though, don’t market this as being excellent in cocktails, it’s a proper waste of a good whisky.

The Captain.



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