FEW Spirits Rye 46.5%

This is aged in Air dried barrels, there’s a wee tit bit for you, other than that I’ve not much to say that I’ve not said before about FEW Spirits, so we’ll just crack on.

This is another 46.5% offering and it packs a massive punch, thanks to FEW for sending me some of this.

I’m drinking this neat again as it’s such a dominate experience I think water would temper some of that punch.

Nose. Pears poached in red wine with a vanilla cream yeah all that and more, clove, star anise, orange and lime rind, lots of heavy spice notes too, it’s fierce without it feeling cheap and young, it reminds of an aftershave but I can’t think of which one and it’s not an insult.

Palate. Almost fizzy on the tongue, real heavy spice feel, lime, orange rind, crisp green apples and toffee apples and then right at the end there is a maple syrup on crispy bacon note.

Finish. Super long, tongue tingles with that spicy feel for an age.

A real winter warmer, and a very decent Rye.

I like this, lots, again though if I was in America I would have this and probably the rest of the range, apart from that Flaming Lips nonsense, but the cost over here makes me ponder, if it was a toss up between owning a bottle of this or the bourbon, I’d take this, it’s different enough to justify the spend.

The Captain.


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