Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey 50%

Fifty quid for a 75cl bottle of 50% percent whiskey that’s actually worth talking about? I should coco.

I found this dram at the National Whisky Festival in Paisley of all places and scooped up a bottle immediately.

Now, there’s a story behind this bottle of whiskey, it’s from Tennessee, Lynchburg Tennessee, can you think of another whiskey from there?

Not only that but this whiskey also goes through the Lincoln County Process where the liquid is passed through charcoal, seem familiar?

The Story of Nathan “Uncle Nearest” Green is a long one, but worth a read, I won’t copy and paste the story but I’ll link the website at the bottom of the article and you can read it yourself but suffice to say that Uncle Nearest was the man who invented the Lincoln County Process and that the world might never had had the other perhaps more well known Tennessee whiskey, I’ll leave that up to you whether or not that’s a good or bad thing.

Oh and although it’s technically an NAS whiskey their website claims the spirit is aged for a minimum of seven years.

I don’t actually mind a Jack Daniel’s and coke, had one last week in fact, if it’s a choice between Bell’s, Famous Grouse and Jack Daniel’s then it’s JD every single time but it’s not something I’d drink neat, will this be?


Shall we get on with the review?

It’s 50% or 100 proof but doesn’t need water to enjoy but takes a a teaspoon of water well, but let’s take this review neat, I think the fire helps with this.

Nose. Not Jack Daniel’s which is a great start to things, burnt grass, maple syrup, charred barrel, toffee, pineapple jam, nougat, little hint of peanut brittle.

Palate. This whiskey comes alive here, there is a touch of burn from the 50% but that’s okay, use ice or water to calm it down if you want, I get spicy Christmas cake mix, all the dried fruits, maple syrup again which you’d expect, treacle tart, rich think brandy butter and finally a touch of something biscuit.

Finish. Oats and syrup with a touch of that charred barrel give a longer finish than I often get with an American spirit.

This is excellent a real gem of a whiskey, there’s nothing wrong with the famous old brands we associate with American whiskey but finding something both new and exciting is such a joy, it’s not an easy one to find over here in the UK although I suspect it’ll be easier Stateside.

And you should all get involved with this.

Why not get it here?

The Captain.



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