Compass Box, Story of the Spaniard. 43%

Daft name aside, it’s named after The Spaniard bar in New York, something which I forgive in a blend an awful lot more in a Single Malt, this is a new core range Compass Box, it’s a blended malt, it’s 43%, it’s around fifty quid, Spanish red wine casks have been used.

I have received a sample but I also have bought two bottles.

This is a mixture of sherry casks and Spanish red wine casks and it is all the sherry.

A drop of water settles the sherry a bit and allows more flavour to appear.

Nose. Oranges and vanilla pods, mulled wine, yeah, all the mulled wine, touch of heat, white pepper with strawberries perhaps.

Palate. The mulled wine with extra oranges are real, fresh blackberries crushed between your fingers before you taste, rich double cream, sherry raisins, Eton Mess.

Finish. A rich, long lasting finish, full of oranges, spice and sweetness.

This is a ridiculously good whisky, I know I’m a Compass Box fan boy, I know, you know, we all know this, but this is just so good for the money, recently I’ve bought three Compass Box whiskies and this is by the far the best, if you’re a sherry whisky fan then you should be all over this bad boy.

The Captain

Would you all like the recipe?

getimage (2)




  1. @Chick The data available does contain a lot of guesswork as internal data isnt kept at a “region level. Scotland has no customs of our own, no paperwork of our own, it”s all at UK level. As the ScotGov say “The ESS estimates only capture the first point of export.. Even that old whisky one is problematic, much whisky is sent down in casks or tanks still in bond, to be bottled in England. But who gets the attribution, the distillery back on Islay, or Burlington Bertie (Bottling) in, well, Essex strangely enough!


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