Highland Park Wings of the Eagle 16 Year Old 44.5%

Wings of the Eagle? Not Beak? Not talons? Dunno, mate, me neither, but here we are.

This is a 16 Year Old Highland Park of which a normal sized bottle will cost you at travel retail around £90, so I’m told.

This is bottled at the reasonable although odd 44.5%, why not top it up to 45% just for fun? Dunno, me neither.

It takes a drop of water well and honestly, it needs a good half an hour in the glass to open up, drinking this from the off without letting it settle is foolish, it needs the time.

I received a sample from Highland Park, it was sent to me via courier Eagle and the sample was attached to its wings, which might be why it’s got the silly name, maybe eagles make excellent whisky couriers, couldn’t be any fucking worse than Hermes.

Nose. Decent floral Higland Park peat, drinking chocolate, Caramac sweets, lots of roasted hazelnuts, brittle toffee, the ones with bits of chopped up nuts.

Palate. Smoked icing sugar (which is a thing), fondant, candy floss, white chocolate, touch of red wine, soupcon of gooseberry jam.

Finish. Much better than recent offerings, longer, smoke and sweetness with maybe a touch of warm spice.

This is better than the others I’ve tried so far in this range, again it’s another Highland Park, Ikea must make a fortune just off the back of Highland Park collectors having to buy a new display cabinet once every three months but this is a solid whisky, it’s maybe a few quid over what I’d be happy paying myself but that will stop absolutely no one from buying this.

Again, I think this is the sort of whisky you’ll see in airports on offer, if this was around £70 it would be a steal, just putting that out there.


The Captain.


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