Highland Park 14 Year Old Loyalty of the Wolf 42.3%

It actually pained me writing that title.

Loyalty of the Wolf? Eh? Anyway, you all know my feelings on whisky marketing, far too much smoke and mirrors but here we are.

I’ve received this sample from Highland Park, it’s a Travel Retail bottle, part of a series of 4, and a 1 litre bottle is currently at £57.

This only needs the slightest hint of water, a drop, no more, and half an hour in the glass.

Nose. Barbecued smoked peaches, light but prominent smoked brown sugar, the smoke is here but it’s mixing with other elements and isn’t over powering, beeswax, orange honey.

Palate. Touch of smoked salt, then crisp green apple, tobacco smoke, some milky chocolate.

Finish. A wisp of smoke.

A litre of age statement Highland Park for just under sixty quid is kinda where I am with this, I just don’t get it as a whisky, it’s not bad, it’s actually pretty decent, but I don’t understand where it sits among the now vast Highland Park range, it’s just there, on a shelve, but it’ll make a nice enough gift or midweek sipper which seems to be where most Travel Retail whiskies want to be anyway.

Would I buy this? Not for this price, but if I saw it on offer then maybe, one of those two for £75 you see in airports, that might be worth it.

The Captain.





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