That Boutique-y Whisky Company (TBWC) The Reservoir Distillery Experience.

Hmmmm, I wonder, I wondered a lot, on how to review these wee bottles of stuff, wee bottles from Reservoir Distillery from Richmond in Virginia brought to us from That Boutique-y Whisky Company, how to review indeed.

See, I got four wee samples, and I wondered about putting out four reviews or one review or something else, so I decided to look at all four products here and then, well, I decided to pour the left overs into another sample jar and I’ll review the blended product some other time, because I love you.

So I have four reviews here, a Bourbon, a Wheat, a Rye and a Corn and the left overs I’ve put into another wee bottle and I’ll see what that turns up next month, if I remember.

Now, I only have small samples here and I think it’s important to mention this because some whiskies change as the bottle goes down, these samples allow me three of my little tasting pours when I’m reviewing whisky, I take a good hour to sniff and taste each small pour over two evenings to at least attempt a coherent and accurate review.

If you do get a small sample of whisky my advice is just to let the whisky sit on your tongue, move it around your mouth and let it slowly dissolve rather than gulping down what little you have. (I can’t believe it’s taken me this many reviews to actually bother writing that down.)

Each of these was taken with a drop, and I mean a single drop, of water.

Reservoir Distillery 2 Year Old Rye 47.5%

Rye whisky is, so I’ve read, the hardest grain to work with, a low booze yeald and fucks equipment (I’d love to hear why or if that’s true) but creates a really flavoursome spirit.

Nose. Lots of spices, nutmeg, cinnamon, all spice, even a touch of paprika, opens up into cloves, orange peel, orange honey and some really hot baked rye bread (obviously).

Palate. The rye is real, lots of those spices again, it’s rather overwhelming at first, star anise, dark chocolate and some chilli.

Finish. A grown up sweetness, treacle and palm sugar with a touch of something fiery.

Yeah, this is good stuff, I would happily drink this all night, I’ll order a bottle of this for sure.


Reservoir Distillery 2 Year Old Bourbon 46.6%

Nose. Vanilla and honey, you know, like a decent bourbon should be, corn rich, burnt toast and sawdust.

Palate. Slight touch of stewed tea, maple syrup, more sawdust, dark almost burnt toffee sauce, apples frying in butter and salt, charred barrels a go go.

Finish. Charred barrels, tea and chocolate hobnobs.



Reservoir Distillery 2 Year Old Corn Whisky 47.5%

Corn whisky is often associated with moonshine and bootleggers, it’s aft aged for just six months or so but this is a 2 Year Old.

Nose. A sweet start, buttery and loads of corn, palm sugar and some oak, a little bit of creamy custard and nutmeg tart.

Palate. Sweet, toffee apples covered in salty melted butter, touch of spice, wee bit of burn.

Finish. Brown sugar, clove, ginger and a touch of something burnt.

This is okay but would be wonderful if bottled at a stronger strength, if this was 50% or 55% it would be perfect, at this abv I think it’s a little bit simple, but decent.


Reservoir Distillery 2 Year Old Wheat Whisky 47.5%

Wheat whiskies are reasonably rare in America, although wheat is used in many recognisable brands. So rare in fact I think there are only two or three other distilleries knocking out a 100% wheat mash bill.

Nose. Sherry or red wine or something, maybe white port, let’s stick with white port, lots and lots of oak, lavender honey, orange blossom honey and finally some chocolate orange.

Palate. Orange boiled sweets, marmalade, something floral which I can’t quite place, Love Hearts (the sweets), more chocolate.

Finish. Woody, some honey and a little touch of rum for some reason.

This is different, it’s not really like any other American spirit going, reminds me a bit of something Ironroot Republic did a while back, just different, an experimental approach perhaps but something to try for sure.


So, there we have it, are these worth buying? I think the Wheat and Rye for sure, the Bourbon maybe but there are other bourbon whiskies which are more fun to drink and the corn is okay but would be so much better if bottled at mental strength.

Coming up though is a small mix up of them all which I’ll let sit for a month and then see what’s happened.

The Captain.


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