Glen Moray 10 Year Old, That Boutique-y Whisky Company 48.6%


I’m rarely blown away by a bottle of whisky these days, I’m not saying I’ve not had a lot of lovely whisky this year, because I have, but as I become more cynical, jaded and dead inside very little actually makes my heart skip a beat, but this boys and girls, well, this is outstanding.

After reviewing the very special 27 Year Old North British from That Bout(fuck it, it’s TBWC from now on) I asked my friend Dave who’s the Ambassador for TBWC for some suggestions from the cheaper end of the stable and he kindly offered to sling me a sample of one his favourites and here were are, here we are indeed.

I like Glen Moray anyway, the NAS stuff is very reasonable indeed, the old 10 Year Old Chardonnay cask was outstanding and the distillery only bottles are of a very high standard so there was always a fair chance that this would be decent, especially at over 48 percent but this is outstanding.

This needs the tiniest drop of water and half an hour sitting in the glass to really open up.

Nose. Star anise which quickly fades, buttered toast, orange rind, malt loaf, mushed bananas, cherry lips sweets (mind those?).

Palate. Very ripe banana on very buttery toast, a slightly oily feel in the mouth, vanilla cream on treacle tart, flaky pasty with chocolate and peach jam, touch of sweet ginger.

Finish. Is ginger infused icing sugar a thing? Because it’s where I’m at with this.

This is complex but beginner friendly, it’s both an excellent mid week sipper and one to sit and really get into, taking your time to really get to know it.

There were only 376 bottles of this produced so I’d get in quick if I were you but for just over £50 (for a 50cl bottle remember) it’s a bargain.

The Captain.


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