Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum 40%

I keep three rums in the house, Wood’s because it’s hefty strong and goes great with coke or ginger ale.

I keep something funky and interesting, currently a bottle of El Dorado 12 Year Old and finally I always have a bottle of Sailor Jerry Spiced rum.

I’ve drank Sailor Jerry since I got into spirits and it would be a lie to say I got into because of it’s great flavour and subtle back notes, I got into it because it’s named after one of the tattoo world’s icons, Sailor Jerry, one of the founding fathers of American tattooing.

And I’m really into tattoos as you’ll know if you’ve ever seen a photo of me.

Sailor Jerry matches all three of my criteria for buying a bottle of rum, it’s reasonably priced, it’s easy enough to get hold of and it’s a minimum of 40% ABV.

The 40% is a big deal for me, the stronger the drink, to a point, the more flavour, and rum under 40% always, and I mean always, tastes weak, runny, just a bit flat and meh, 40% is a must, and Sailor Jerry sticks to that.

I’ve just finished a bottle some friends got me and will be buying a new bottle soon and it’s just occurred to me I’ve never looked at this before.

I would suggest never paying more than you need to for anything and you should be looking to pay about fifteen pounds for this.

I am looking at this neat but of course it’s more for mixing, I don’t tend to make fancy cocktails but I do mix spiced rum with cola, lemonade or my favourite, spicy ginger beer.

Nose. All the vanilla, some oak, some leather, brown sugar, treacle tart and some mulled wine and a wee bit of maple syrup.

Palate. Sweetness at first, maple syrup, palm sugar, vanilla ice cream. Some clove, oak, orange rind, candied orange and powdered ginger.

Finish. Slightly hot, sweet with an oak and gingery ending.

This is actually idea for someone new to nosing and tasting spirits because there is nothing subtle here, it’s in your face, bold and obvious, the different notes are easy to pick out, you’re not sitting for an hour trying to separate a muscat grape note from a hint of blood orange. It’s a fun drink made for mixing but will go well with both ice and a slice and a dare say just neat although there are better rums for sipping neat.

This is cheap, easy to access and easy to drink, it’s not trying to be something it’s not either, there are no smoke and mirrors just lots of tattoos and motorbikes.

The Captain.



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