North British 27 Year Old 56.3% That Boutique-y Whisky Company

That’s a mouthful isn’t it? Any time from now on I mention the independent bottler who brought us this I’ll be using the acronym TBWC, fair enough?

I have some issues with TBWC, I don’t like 50cl bottles for a start and I don’t like obscure advertising unless it’s on a bottle of Compass Box because I’m willing to let them away with pretty much anything.

Those things aside this is a very good bottling, it’s fair to say that everything TBWC produce is pretty good, some are outstanding and this bottle of 27 Year Old North British bottled at cask strength 56.3% is marvelous.

North British might not be a name overly familiar to you, grain whisky often isn’t, but North British is an Edinburgh based distillery producing grain whisky on a vast scale but of course most of it ends up in Edrington or Diageo blends.

Interesting wee fact, the waste product grain is turned into cattle feed whilst the liquefied carbon dioxide is bottled and sold on and used in drinks and medical air.

I picked up this bottle for around fifty quid and I honestly can’t remember where from, I think it was Master Of Malt but I wouldn’t take that as gospel.

It likes a drop of water this but it’s old and needs to be treated with care.

Nose. Milky coffee and cough sweets, little bit of leather, some spearmint, vanilla pod, corn syrup, burnt sugar.

Palate. Cola bottle sweets, sweetened black coffee, gingerbread, apple tea and a very light touch of dark chocolate.

Finish. Long lasting, some vanilla, oak rounded off with a deep and rich bourbon feel (I was expecting more bourbon notes but I think the age had changed this)

This is an excellent, complex and interesting dram and despite the 50cl bottle it’s well worth the price.

Aged grain whiskies are also an opportunity to try aged spirits for a reasonable price, find me a 27 Year Old Single Malt for this sort of price and get back to me with how you get on.

The Captain.


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