Bringing whisky to the masses.

I get my haircut in an old shipping container, it’s a nifty idea as it means high rents normally associated with city centre or retail parks are avoided allowing people to set up a business without being crippled within months. (I go to one in the Fort called Guy and Beard, check them out too, if you’re wanting a cheap and sexy haircut.

Where am I going with this? Stay with me.

Recently I was at a night hosted by William Grant and Sons and I was taken in by their thoughts on people demanding an experience rather than just a pint, they had created several drinking experiences.

I know, I know, smoke and mirrors I hear you cry but there is no one more cynical about marketing high jinks than me but I was impressed and I have a plan.

You can buy a shipping container for about a grand, so let’s buy two and stick them in a retail park or somewhere in a city centre, anywhere with a lot of throughput.

Now you’ve got your shipping containers why not pull your drinks experiences inside?

The Glenfiddich Aroma challenge based in Harrods, where you smell a few different beakers to find your perfect Glenfiddich, this could easily move about the country, in fact it’s a tragedy it doesn’t.



Or the Monkey Shoulder cocktail on draft, yes on draft.


Vegan Whisky Sours using Chick Pea water.


The Perfect Old Fashioned or maybe just a champagne bar?

Or how about a pop up brewery? Get the boys from Hale Brewing (who brew from a shipping container) to come to town throwing Malibu into Tropical IPA and all other manner of madness?


Pubs are done for so why not adapt and change, Christ, I’d rather see a pop up Lambrini bar, it could be no worse than being in a “Spoons” which will soon be the only pubs left the way things are headed.

No one can tell me these wouldn’t go down a treat, especially at Christmas time when people are out shopping plus we’re always hearing how the High Street is on its arse, so why not some pop ups to encourage people back in?

I honestly don’t see what the industry has to lose.


The Captain.



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