Highland Park Spirit of the Bear 40%

This is a new Highland Park Travel exclusive, I know, I know, it feels like only last week Highland Park launched a new whisky series, that’s because it was only last week but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

The New series doesn’t have a name as such but everything is inspired by animals that Vikings liked, so we’ve got a bear (and as we all know Vikings both rode bears into battle as well as using their milk) we’ve got a wolf (domestic pets, great with kids apparently) and eagles (the original carrier pigeon).

Exciting stuff.

This was sent to me by the lovely people at Highland Park, it’s 40% as is £44 for a litre, it’s an Non Aged Statement whisky and is only currently available from selected travel retail places.

This whisky was matured in Sherry seasoned American Oak Barrels.

Water does nothing for this in my opinion, the review is on the basis of it being taken neat.

Nose. Light smoke at first, lemon rind, maybe some lime leaves, wee touch of powdered ginger and some all spice.

Palate. Little bit of peat smoke, more charred than I’m used to with Highland Park which is always a little more sweet, some vanilla from those American Oak casks, sweetness comes later on it’s a little bit light.

Finish. Touch of cracked black pepper, honey and over all too quick.

This is okay, it’s cheap at £44 a litre but it’s all just a little bit underwhelming, a bear should roar and bite, this kinda purrs and leaves and graze.

The Captain.

Oh and the box appears to have a picture of a bear dancing with a tree, whilst serenading it.

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