DYC 8 Year Old Spanish Whisky 40%

This is a tenner a bottle over in Spain which means it’s at the lower end of the whisky market but not bottle shelve.

This is an 8 Year Old Whisky from DYC or Destilerías y Crianza and is a blended whisky matured in American Oak casks.

Likes a little bit of water well.

Needs fifteen solid minutes in the glass too.

Spain produces a lot of excellent alcohol, but whisky? Well DYC have been producing whisky for years but there’s a good chance it’s not on your radar because why would it be? This costs next to nothing in Spain but would set you back, in the UK more than twice that, any why bother? Well you might want to think about it when you’re next over there, because it’s lovely, and very different in my opinion to other reviews of the product, perhaps it’s changed.

Nose. Touch of new make to start but that soon settles, honey and charred Oak but without the vanilla notes you’d expect with American Oak barrels, more treacle than anything else, that burnt sugar feel is real, and very pleasant for such a cheap dram, some strawberries.

Palate. A surprising whisky, a very fine whisky, the 8 years clearly is a magic number for Spanish whisky, a touch of smoke for sure, roast nuts, strawberry flavoured marshmallows (yeah, it’s new one for me too) organic honey and some dark fruits.

Finish, Smoky and sweet, very reasonable.

After an initial nosing which left me disappointed this turns after some time in the glass into a superb whisky, I looked up a few other reviews and no one mentions smoke or charr at all so I dunno if this is a different recipe but I had half a dozen drams of this and whilst there is no indication of any smoke on the nose on the palate it is there and it’s interesting and well worth picking this up if you’re in Spain, in fact, I would actually recommend this even at UK prices for around twenty pounds, it’s pretty much the best thing I’ve tried for this sort of money.

The only thing that annoys me about this is it shows how poor cheaper Scotch whisky actually is, this is so far ahead of any bottom shelve whisky it’s embarrassing.

I look forward to getting back to Spain next year and picking the 10 Year Old and the very cheap standard blend.

The Captain.





  1. Having enjoyed both the DYC Blend and a 12yo before I can concur these are very good whiskies within their price range.
    I don’t remember any smoke myself, but am certainly willing to try another bottle of DYC to find out!


    1. I tried different glasses in case I was imagining it, over different nights and it kept appearing, was most strange.


    2. They had a 10 Year Old Single Malt too, but I didn’t go for that because the majority of my spend was on Spanish Brandy

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