Jose Cuervo Black Medallion 38%

Ever wondered what would happen if they placed tequila into charred barrels and then had the brass neck to actually bottle and sell it?

Then wonder no more.

I rarely do negative reviews because taste is subjective, some people actually like gin for instance, imagine that? But here we are.

I bought this travesty last year on holiday for about a tenner but it’s nearly twenty pounds here and I’m writing this so no one else makes the mistake I have, by drinking the fucking stuff.

I sipped some of this neat, I cannot imagine ice helping out here or water, it’s rank rotten.

Nose. It’s like they’ve taken some cheap tequila and thrown it onto grass and old moldy bits of wood that have recently been set on fire and then doused with loads of cats piss.

Palate. Imagine if you will a tequila that has been smoked, like you would a kipper, and then dipped in paint stripper. Nothing good.

Finish. Sadly the finish is long, smoky and chemical.

Fuck me, the first couple of sips I had of this didn’t seem to bad, and then a few sips later it really hit me, it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever tried, it’s just dreadful. I cannot believe they put this in a bottle, Jose Cuervo don’t tend to do terrible products but no fucking wonder they cancelled this.

If anyone thinks I’m over egging the pudding let me know and you can try some because I’ve got almost a full bottle of it.

The Captain.


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