Highland Park The Light 17 Year Old 52.9%

I’m a bit late catching up to review this bad boy, A combination of some head funk and general busyness has led to a bit of a back log regarding doing actual reviews.

This bottle is another release from Highland Park, there seems to be another Highland Park out every other week but they are hardly the only distillery doing this they certainly seem to be the only distillery getting shit for it.

This is the second part of the Light and Dark series, the Dark was okay if a little expensive, I wonder how we’ll get on with this?

I received a sample from Highland Park.

This is a whopping 52.9% but strangely really doesn’t need much water, in fact in the three drams of this I had any more than a teaspoon is too much, it does need a while in the glass though, I left this for half an hour and then took an hour to finish the dram.

This is a 17 Year Old whisky from American Oak barrels.

Nose. After the initial burst of smoke and burning grass we get a crisp green apple dipped in toffee, heather honey, wee bit of clove, some leather polish, grated ginger and some stewed tea.

Palate. It’s a smoky bbq start, gammon and pineapple maybe? Honey and chocolate hobnobs, roasted hazelnuts, roasted quinoa (yes that’s a thing, you’ll need to do this when making quinoa protein bars, do you even lift bro?) more sweetness at the end, orange juice and gooseberry jam.

Finish. The smoke comes back with some icing sugar and apples, very nice.

This is a lovely bottle of whisky, loads happening and a proper opportunity to taste something a little different from the core range, I don’t think any bottle is worth the £190 price tag but if you’re a Highland Park fanboy you’ll love this.

Just think though, if Highland Park ditched the wooden box and all the other nonsense this bottle could be how much cheaper?

The Captain.



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