Eden Mill Hip Flask Series No 6 47%

So when Eden Mill finally stopped mucking about with gin and cocktails and finally stuck some actual home made whisky in bottles they decided to release a limited run of 20cl bottles of various cask types to give a feel for their whiskies and for the okay price of £25, which is okay, just.

I bought two of each, one for drinking and one for my stash.

Recently I’ve been giving Eden Mill some shit for selling their first run of full bottles for £500 a bottle, for a three year old whisky. I don’t care they are starting up, five hundred notes for a three year old whisky is a disgusting price, no bottle is worth that, huge initial investment or not, I just don’t care, there is a real danger here than Eden Mill and the rest of the new distilleries just turn into limited edition run firms selling uber expensive limited edition whiskies to collectors most of whom will never even open the fucking bottles in the first place, if this happens I hope they all fail, every single one of them.

My point here is that I understand that all of these new distilleries have spent millions of pounds, some have pulled in some money through spirit drinks, gin, cocktails and new make, and that’s all grand, but the money shot is the Single Malt and charging a fortune for young whisky is just not on, the whole point of whisky is that it’s the long game, it’s a marathon not a sprint, good whisky takes time (it certainly should if it’s £500 a bottle), so if you’re interested in making good whisky you don’t turn it out the second you can and have the cheek to charge hundreds for it. I don’t care how much a Pot Still costs, I don’t care how much your casks cost either, you didn’t need to do this, but you’ve chosen too and now you’ve chosen to cash in, which is a shame, because that’s what will happen with the new Port Ellen and no one wants to be that, do they?

I hope for the record that Eden Mill and others, whom I’ll be writing about in due course, stop this madness and give us decent whisky, bottled at 43% or above and for a decent price, but time will tell, the Eden mill spirit drinks were excellent by the way.

But here we are, and I’m drinking, for the second night in a row, one of my wee hip flask series whiskies, this effort is a three year old single malt from an Oloroso Hogshead filled on 22nd January 2015, it’s been bottled at 47% and needs water, I’d say a good teaspoon and left in the glass for half an hour.

Nose. Sherry cask, obviously raisins and some fig rolls (look them up), some solvent, an apple scented air freshener, some grape notes.

Palate. With water and some time in the glass it’s sweet, touch of young fiery whisky but not much, plum jam, more figs, bit of honey and some stewed apples.

Finish. Dry, the wood is real, the oak hands around with some spirit notes and icing sugar.

This is okay, it’s worth the price and the range is well laid out, I look forward to opening and drinking the rest of this range, and in five years some of these casks will turn out some outstanding whisky and hopefully we’ll see these being sold for a reasonable price, otherwise I’ll never find out.

Cute wee bottles though.

The Captain.




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