An update on Whisky Apocalypse

Some of you, the 12 people who regularly pop by, will have noticed I’m not doing many reviews lately, well there are a few reasons for this, and for anyone who cares I thought I’d tell all.

  1.  I’m exercising, I do kickboxing twice a week and also work out at home on my heavy bag and go jogging meaning I’m not really able to drink because drinking, even a wee bit, does not help with training.
  2. I am learning to drive, and you can’t really drink when you’re learning to drive as apparently there are laws regarding drinking and driving, who knew?

Those two things combined plus a general lack of anything out there I can afford or really want to tell you about has kinda just set me back, I honestly have so little appetite for anything just now, I have about a dozen things I could be writing up but just can’t bring myself to do any of them, it’s taken me three days of faffing about just to write this.

Another side point is how difficult I find it to produce a piece on something I’m not interested in or not seeing it as relevant to what my readers expect of me, would any of you really want me to start just listing pictures of bottles or doing puff pieces for brands? I’d like to think you wouldn’t, I’d just be joining in with so many other bloggers.

I think I need to rethink this whole thing before my site hosting fees are due in a couple of months, or maybe I just need my holidays.

The Captain.



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