Famous Grouse Bourbon Cask 40%

Another member of the Famous Grouse stable hits the shops, there is this and a port cask finish which I can’t find yet but I’ll get around to it, eventually.

I remember Famous Grouse being the go to blend for pretty much everyone, I’m going back to the 80s here before Single Malts were really much of a thing, Grouse was it.

Famous Grouse back then though was Famous Grouse, I don’t remember limited editions or off shoots at all, there have been a few aged versions but over the last few years the core range has added what was the Black Grouse but now the Smoky Grouse (Still decent although it’s not what it was a few years ago) Mellow Gold (The less said about that the better) Snow Grouse (A blended Grain whisky which you were supposed to put in the freezer rather the the drains where most of it ended up) the very good Naked Grouse (Blend now Blended Malt and not as good) and now we have a bourbon cask bottle.

Famous Grouse has had cask finishes before and like I said they’ve had the odd aged statement bottle but they’ve either been for an occasion, a thing, or only available via next to nowhere, this new bottle is available in Tesco, which means it’s proper mass market.

Is it any good? Well a couple of days back I found this is now on offer down to £15 from the “normal” price of £19.

You can drink this neat, a drop of water helps a bit though.

Nose. Caramel and toffee, obviously, faint hint of nail polish, spirit, treacle and then some warm vanilla.

Palate. Sweet but saccharin rather than natural sugars, burnt toffee, some charred cask, roasted hazelnut, some buttery toffee apples.

Finish. Short, touch of white pepper, oak and sweetener.

This is alright, it’s just a bit meh, it’s worth fifteen quid if you’re looking for a sipper but there are so many more bottles out there, including the Smoky Grouse and Naked Grouse (same sort of money) which are just better.

I feel bad for the Famous Grouse team, Grouse used to be able to draw from two of the finest distilleries in Scotland, I have two older bottles of Grouse bottled in the late 70s and 80s and they are both excellent, changed days indeed.

The Captain.



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