Compass Box The Muse 53.3%

I am a total Compass Box fan boy, most of us whisky fans and collectors have our favourites and Compass Box is right up there for me, mainly because they have a core range of affordable drams which give a superb feel for whisky, they are master blenders indeed.

Add to that little homage that Hedonism is one of my two favourite Compass Box whiskies, from their core range, and a sample being sent of The Muse and I am in heaven.

The Muse is the high strength of Hedonism, it’s not the same blend though, and also has “the muse” added, a batch of pre mixed aged grain whisky of unknown origin, very exciting.

I will not be buying a bottle of this because it’s over my £150 maximum spend and this £240 which is a lot for any bottle of whisky Compass Box or not. I do hope they never abandon their excellent core range for these pricey limited editions (limited to just over three thousand bottles which is getting towards the edge of acceptable but I’ll let it pass, just).

Compass Box have a handy fact sheet which you can download at and they also mention that the head blender for this project is Jil Boyd so we have her to thanks for this whisky. I mention this because the Muse is dedicated to the women at Compass Box who make over half the staff, see that whisky world, you can dedicate a dram to women without coming across as condescending wankers.

This doesn’t need water for it to be enjoyable but is perfect with a teaspoon of water and half an hour in the glass.

Nose. Loads of vanilla, raw honey, orange blossom and well charred oak, if it wasn’t for the fact it’s so light in colour you’d think it was a bourbon, some all spice and lots of caramel and a touch of treacle.

Palate. This is a sweet whisky, lots of honey and golden syrup here, little hint of spice but the emphasis is on sweet, clotted cream, strawberry jam, some more honey and vanilla.

Finish. Did I mention this is sweet? Lasts forever, sweet and warm, double cream and sugary tea.

What a delightful dram, just one of the best whiskies I’ve tried this year, and I’ve been through a fair few now,  I worry about the price, this is expensive, out of my price range but for those who can afford it then go for it, well worth trying though if you see it in a bar.

The Captain.


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