Berry Bros and Rudd Peated Cask 44.2%

The last in my look at the BBR Blended Malt range.

The four bottle range has pretty much sold out now on the BBR website but you might find a few bottles here and there online and all of them are worth hunting down, batch 2 won’t be far behind I think.

I have received a sample of this from Berry Bros and Rudd.

It’s bottled at 44.2% and I’d drink this neat although takes a touch of water well.

Nose. Peat, yes, but not overpowering, the summer fruit jam notes and pickled ginger stand along side the peat without things becoming imbalanced, stewed tea, lemon bon bons.

Palate. Mmmmm, lemon sweeties that for some reason have been thrown onto a fire and then rescued, the smoky notes remind me of barbecues and burnt toast, buttered.

Finish. Short and sweet, and smoky.

All four bottles now reviewed, and all worth buying, they aren’t overly complicated, they don’t demand your full attention all the time, but they are perfect sharing and sipping whiskies, as blends should be.

The Captain.


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