Berry Bros and Rudd Islay Cask 44.2%

The third in the series of BBR Blended malts, this time the Islay cask.

A bold move this, Big Peat for a start is an excellent and well marketed blended malt, you’ve got Smokehead single malt, Islay Mist blend and many many more, stick Islay on the label and you’re going to be judged, it’s a high bar to aim for, so is this up to standard?

I have bought a bottle of this from Good Spirits because I try and shop local when I can.

This takes a tiny amount of water well, just a drop or two.

Nose. Smells like the outdoor part of B&Q, one that’s having a barbecue special offers day and has lit some charcoals, oh and it’s really hot. So think, wood, bits of slate and stone in the baking heat, compost, peat, charcoal and bbq, with a hint of something floral and fruity.

Palate. Peat smoke, burnt grass and some apple crumble that’s maybe had a few minutes too long in the oven (not a bad thing), treacle, little bit of coffee lingering about too, I think.

Finish. Sticky burnt candyfloss, medium finish.

This is very reasonable, it has enough going on to justify its place among the tinkling bottles hustling for our attention in the Islay isle, especially for around thirty pounds.

The Captain.

Classic Range - Islay Blended Malt Whiskey - Mock ups 2018_Enlarged


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