Ironroot Republic Texas Legation Batch No2 46.2%

The brothers are back in London, smuggling in batch 2 of their collaboration with Berry Bros and Rudd (BBR) the powerful Texas Legation Batch No2 bottled at a lovely 46.2%

Stepping out of the shadows of Chip Tate and Balcones isn’t easy and the Texan spirits game table is a hard table to sit down at when you’re starting from scratch but once again the two Likarish brothers have taken all the chips with this latest release.

I have received a sample of this from BBR and have bought a bottle for the collection.

One final note, I really like Texan spirits, Balcones have produced whiskey and rum and they have utterly blown me away as have everything Ironroot Republic have produced, Texas will rival Kentucky in the next twenty years, mark my words.

This takes a little water but not much, and is very decent with an ice ball as a hot day sipper.

Nose. Fiery, the wood is strong but the young spirit shows through, but not in a harsh way, corn rich, obviously, with treacle and molasses notes, the water and some time in the glass allows this to mellow somewhat, some cherries, rum and pineapple sweets come out.

Palate. Hot treacle covered barbecued corn, there’s one for you to keep, honey and orange rind, something quite meaty too, slow roast pork with honey and cloves, that sort of thing.

Finish. Short, hot and sweet.

This is young but has enough complexity to keep it going, it’s a lot of fun and a little bit different from your standard American bottling, give this a go if you can find it.

The Captain.

Bottle Image



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