Berry Bros and Rudd Speyside Cask Blended Malt 44.2%

This is the second of four reviews and due to time restrictions I will be using the abbreviation BBR instead of typing out Berry Bros and Rudd, because I really can’t be bothered typing out Berry Bros and Rudd, Berry didn’t even have a brother.

The four blended malts of the range are attempting to offer you an overview of what a region or style should taste like, now, the regions of Scotland were divided up due to tax reasons rather than any kind of style and flavour but when people think of Speyside they are thinking of warm biscuits, shortbread, honey, vanilla, softer wood influence, I don’t like using the word smooth, because it’s so lazy, but when people think of Speyside I think people often think of light, smooth and delicate whiskies.

So that’s what BBR are attempting here, giving us a dram which makes us go “yeah, Speyside”, so have they succeeded?

This need less water than the Sherry cask whisky already reviewed, a drop and no more and only ten minutes in the glass is needed before the first teeny tiny sip.

Thanks to BBR for the sample although I have since bought a bottle.

Nose. Lots of oranges and lemon, light spices and a little bit of wood at first, opens up to a few sherry notes and big blast of orange and then lavender honey.

Palate. The honey and lemon feel is strong here, would make a great hot toddy this, touch of roasted hazelnuts, some maple syrup and then vanilla flavoured sugar, at the end of the glass a little bit of oak lingers.

Finish. Short and delicate, little touch of custard cream.

Again, for the money this is an outstanding whisky. The blended malt market is bulging as it is, often with gimmicky bottles and with prices rising this is worth every penny.

The Captain.

Classic Range - Speyside Blended Malt Whiskey - Mock ups 2018_Enlarged

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