Berry Bros and Rudd Sherried Cask Blended Malt 44.2%

I went into Good Spirits purely to hand in a sample for Roddy (I’ve no idea why he needed a urine sample but he asked, so, anyway, I ended up buying a bottle of whisky, and a bottle of pre made cocktail, and some wine.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Berry Bros and Rudd (posh wine makers normally) blended malt range, particularly the Sherry cask whisky, because it’s sold out on the BBR (Berry Bros and Rudd) website.

These are bottled at 44.2%, the four bottles in the range are all NAS whiskies and along with the Sherry Cask we also get a Speyside, Peated and Islay cask, all blended malts all just over thirty pounds, I have two bottles now, one of this and one of the Islay cask and I’ve received samples from BBR of the other two, reviews soon.

I had experimented with water levels and this explodes into life with half a teaspoon of water and twenty minutes sitting in the glass.

Nose. Well, lots of sherry, obviously, a medium to dry sherry nose, cherries, sultanas, rich Christmas cake mix, treacle tart and whipped cream, belter.

Palate. Rich and warm, it hugs you, tinned fruit cocktail, sherry, toffee sauce, dark chocolate with a touch of sweet milky coffee, maybe some prune juice at the end.

Finish. Warm, longer than expected and filling me with Sherry goodness.

This is magic, worth every penny and one that looks like it will sell out super quick, it’s easy drinking, it’s extremely well priced compared to many of its blended malt peers, if you can still find this then snap it up.

Berry Bros and Rudd have brought out many whiskies in the past but this new range is a game changer in terms of what people will be expecting for their money. Well done them.

The Captain.


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