Tomatin 18 Year Old 46%

Bottles like this make a mockery of current whisky prices.

Slightly more expensive than the older version of the 18 Year Old this Sherry cask finished whisky bottled at 46% and costs around £75, just take that on board when you look at some of the stupid prices kicking about today.

This is a gentle sipper and by that I mean you take your time to drink it, I found this with the older bottling and now with this. I swapped the tail end of a bottle of something for the tail end of a bottle of this with a mate, yes I do have some friends, and it really needs a good half hour in the glass and a teaspoon of water.

Nose. Old dusty library books which have been soaked for a few weeks in golden syrup and dessert wine, touch of a light red wine about this, then vanilla and some light oak and pipe tobacco, but the merest suggestion of pipe tobacco, as if someone at the far end of a very long room has just been outside smoking a pipe, get me?

Palate. All the honey, and chocolate, touch of orange barely sweets, some candied ginger, oak and did I mention honey? Oh and then some strawberries with black pepper.

Finish. Long, malty, sweet and lovely, give me more.

This is fantastic, it’s another bottle I’d happily always have and always replace.

The Captain.



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