Tomatin 14 Year Old Port Cask Finish 46%

Part of the core range, the 14 year old has been bourbon barrel matured and then finished off in Tawny port casks, which is nice.

Bottled at 46% I found it didn’t need much time in the glass and only needed half a teaspoon of water just to lift the port casks above the bourbon, which I think gives a better overall feel.

Nose. Big, lots of candied citrus and summer berry jam notes, the bourbon vanilla and honey are there as is a touch of charred oak but the port is the star of the show here.

Palate. Dark Chocolate, rum raisins and red berry and port sauce, the sort of thing you’d serve with venison, in fact this would go very well with venison, later on some honey and vanilla infused icing sugar, touch of pipe tobacco.

Finish. A medium finish leaving a touch of strawberry jam and some cracked black pepper.

I’ve had some cracking whisky this year, most from distilleries which are just doing their own thing, not producing too many fancy bottles, not jumping on any trends and keeping their prices reasonable too, and Tomatin is certainly one of those, and long may it continue.

The Captain.


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