Tomatin 12 Year Old 43%

Bourbon for twelve ish years then another short time in Oloroso sherry casks, it’s now been taken from what was a 40% bottle to a 43% bottle and it still comes in around the thirty five pounds mark, which seems very good value for money.

This needs next to no water, in fact I dare say many wouldn’t bother with water at all but let’s say half a teaspoon and fifteen to twenty minutes in the glass.

Nose. Green washed and sliced apple, little touch of overripe pear, some light spice notes, oak and sherry influenced, obviously, nutmeg and some powdered ginger, touch of freshly mowed lawn.

Palate. Chocolate with ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon, salted caramel, sherried fruit, some vanilla lingers.

Finish. Short with oak and vanilla hanging around before the cinnamon and sherried fruit finish everything off.

Again Tomatin deliver us a cheap and chearful whisky for under forty quid, I sometimes wonder if I should review the likes of Tomatin because I wouldn’t them to get too popular, they might bump their prices up.

The Captain.



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