Deanston 18 Year Old 46.3%

The 3rd Deanston in this little series and this is another step up from the 12.

The Virgin Oak was very decent, the 12 was superb and the few pounds in difference in cost means that the 12 is a must have, but the 18?

The 18 Year Old Single Malt is around £75, this is an excellent price for an 18 Year Old in house bottle of whisky, but it’s also expensive, most people don’t spend this kind of money on whisky, I know many people who read my articles do, as do I now and again, but this is a special occasion dram, so is it special?

I think this needs a teaspoon of water and a good half an hour in the glass. Thanks again to Deanston for the sample.

We are un chill filtered and no added colour and it’s bottled at the lovely 46.3% and has been matured in first fill Bourbon cask.

Nose. Honey and golden syrup, bran cereal, vanilla and corn, charred bourbon barrels have played a huge part in this but they haven’t overpowered the spirit.

Palate. Initial orange blossom honey, cherry flavoured sweets (honestly) and a touch of ash (think of something that’s fallen into a barbecue but you eat it anyway) there’s some malt, custard tart and more than a hint of apples being cooked in butter.

Finish. Long, lots of honey and vanilla, the bourbon casks makes its presence known just as you finish the glass.

This is an excellent whisky, I’ve actually managed to get another sample of this from a mate to really get to grips with it, it’s carefully balanced, you can often get a bottle which does have some age which really just tastes like a good bourbon because the cask influence has overtaken everything else and it’s a neat trick to not end up with a bourbon in all but name, and Deanston have done this here.

This is worth buying, I can’t really say much more.

The Captain.




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