Tomatin Legacy 43%

The entry level Tomatin is an NAS whisky bottled at the slightly lower than normal, for Tomatin, at 43% but it’s also almost free at around £25 a bottle, which, let’s be honest, is fuck all these days for anything even half decent.

Although this is a younger whisky, I’d guess around eight years it does benefit from twenty minutes in the glass and a teaspoon of water to open it up.

I have bought a bottle of this as well having a sample from Tomatin and recently trying it in a big Ice Cube, in an Ice Bar, because that’s how I roll.

This is made using both Virgin Oak and Bourbon barrels.

Nose. Light, lemon meringue pie, lime leaves, vanilla, without water the oak influence is prominent but softens nicely with time and water, of touch of cooking apple.

Palate. It’s peppery, it’s got some sharp citrus notes, grapefruit and kumquat, honey sweetness and then some more of that oak.

Finish. Short and sweet, touch of oak and those cooking apples come back around.

If you drink Non Age Statement whisky then this may well be a dram for you, it’s lighter than most other Tomatin, it’s super easy drinking and a perfect Single Malt as a mid week sipper and as a session starter whisky.

The Captain.



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