Tomatin Water and Metal, and sledging.

The Tomatin Five virtues series is coming to an end, already two of the five have completely sold out with the final three set to go before the snow melts.

This small event was to celebrate the final two bottle releases, they were actually released in February but this was all planned just as the snow hit so it was rearranged.

If you don’t know how whisky launches work let me fill you in. First off you arrive somewhere and are handed a drink, you get talked through what’s in your hand and off you go, more or less.

What Tomatin decided on was to take a few of us sledging or ice climbing, lolz to the idea of me doing ice climbing, before a dram of Tomatin Legacy in an igloo with a bar, think of someone who lives in an igloo but who’s won the lottery and put a bar in, before some lovely warm scran before a glass is put in our hand.

If you’ve ever wondered what a twenty stone man looks like sledging at speeds of Mach One and slamming into a snow wall then wonder no more as I have no problem with looking like a tit and it was great fun, so there.

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Even digging my heels in just made me fly off at angles, I can only thank the Lord that the photographer was busy elsewhere when I was upside down and back to front at the bottom of the slope.

Now that that was done with we changed and I calmed down, because you proper fly about, I’m not joking, it’s knackering too, we headed off the Ice Bar.

The Ice Bar was proper cool and freezing but there was lovely warming whisky in the form of Tomatin Legacy, I don’t normally drop ice into my whisky but drinking whisky out of a glass made of ice, well, when in Rome and all that.

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Let’s get all the tomfoolery out of the way.

Let’s get onto the whisky.

I’ll leave my reviews of the whiskies at the bottom of the page but it was great to hear both Graham Eunson (Tomatin Distillery General Manager) and Jennifer Masson (Tomatin Marketing Manger) wax lyrical on liquid they are both rightly proud of, sometimes it can all get a bit cliched when listening to people talking from a prepared script handed to them from marketing, but with these two, well it’s obviously something they both just really enjoying talking about, like me, God I can waffle on sometimes.

My favourite of the range is the Water. I have already bought a bottle, it’s just a wonderful example of Scotch matured in 1st fill bourbon barrels although adding water to the Metal really changes it’s make up, the forceful sherry notes fade somewhat to reveal the 2nd fill bourbon barrels, both are fine examples of both blending and cask procurement.

And remember folks although these are all NAS whiskies you can get loads of information on them via the Tomation website, link below.

Thanks to everyone who was there and a special thanks to Tomatin for making such bold decisions in both their whisky making and approach to how they promote their products.

Expect some more reviews up soon of their core range and perhaps one or two other wee Tomatin gems.

The Captain

Ice Bar


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