Deanston Virgin Oak 46.3%

The entry level whisky from Deanston is a NAS whisky but, unlike pretty much any entry level whisky, is bottled at 46.3% and produced, the clues in the title, virgin oak from Kentucky, so there you go.

I first tried this years ago and it didn’t do a lot for me but recently I tried the range at the Fife Whisky Festival and was won over, it’s certainly better than it was a few years back.

I received a sample of this from the distillery.

This is quite a young whisky, and the fierce nature of a Virgin American Oak barrel allow for some quite powerful notes albeit with a slight hit of young heat.

It’s also un chill filtered.

I preferred this with a teaspoon of water and left alone for twenty minutes.

Nose. Candied lemon and lime, touch of orange and some orange honey, the honey comes on stronger with a touch of dark chocolate and just lit pipe tobacco.

Palate. With water and a little time the spirit has settled and reveals Apples and oak, toffee and some whipping cream (this took me hours to figure out but it’s there) any thoughts of smoke or tobacco has now left the building.

Finish. Decent balance, the young spirit is powerful enough to bring some citrus notes at the end with some oak.

This is an excellent entry level whisky, the strength is a bonus too, it’s a quality spirit, I tried the new make recently, and it shows as Virgin American Oak can overwhelm everything. If you’re lucky you can find this for around thirty notes, that is a bargain.

The Captain.


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