A De Fussigny Superior Fine Champagne Cognac 40%

Lots of words in that title, it’s one of things with Cognac, there are lots of variations with this particular spirit.

I really like Cognac, I’ve reviewed one or two before and I picked this bottle up from the recent Fife Whisky festival and it’s a joy of a spirit.

Let’s ignore the bottle and box, it dead set reminds me of a bottle of Hermes perfume although it’s a weighty affair too, lovely big metal cap, feels very impressive if a bit flashy and pointless. It would not be out of place in a rap video featuring P Diddy.

A De Fussigny is based on the river Charente and the barrels are stored right on the banks which must lead to a very interesting temperature. The spirit is also produced in small copper pot stills, they are a small outfit, I think, but have a decent range available from all the usual online retailers.

I like drinking Cognac in my Ikea spirits glass and I let it warm in my hand for a bit too, no matter the glass I think you’re better using a glass where you can get a good grip on the base of the glass to gently warm the spirit, this, as most Cognacs, is bottled at 40% and really doesn’t need anything added, in fact it’s a delicate spirit this, adding anything would utterly ruin it, so don’t, and it’s rare for me to say something like that.

Nose. Everything about this is subtle, grapefruit covered with sugar, vanilla, orange honey, lavender honey, little note of green tea.

Palate. Oranges, stewed pear, pan au chocolat (just out the oven), bit more tea but proper tea this time, toffee apples.

Finish. Touch of sweet black tea, toffee, oranges and maybe a bit of oak.

This is wonderful, it’s around fifty pounds a bottle so it’s half decent bottle of scotch in terms of price but I’d struggle to find a bottle of anything that’s this price which has this much quality, it really is very lovely.

As an aside the official notes suggest having this with ice, don’t, it would be a crime. They also suggest pairing with chocolate which works a treat and perhaps “light” cigars whatever they might be, I hate cigars and everything about them but this has the same sort of feel that cigar malts have so I guess they might be right, just don’t light up near me or I’ll throw up all over you.

The Captain.



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