Aldi 5 Year Old XO French Brandy 40%

Picked this up the other day when I was looking for a cheaper end brandy. One of best mates loves a brandy and lemonade in giant measures or what Glasgwegians such as her call “house measures” anyway, I sort of bought this because she always necks all my expensive Spanish Brandy without a care in the world for the nuance or “nonsense chat” as she calls it, I love her really.

Anyway, this is about £12, it carries a 5 year age statement which is decent and carries the XO label which is brandy speak for Extra Old.

I take this neat but I guess it will work with ice or half a pint of lemonade.

Nose. Port wine on the nose at first, mulled wine too so clove, oranges and brown sugar.

Palate. Warm brown and buttery bread, sherry soaked fruit, stewed tea and then that port feel comes along, wee touch of an almost burnt fudge cake with dates.

Finish. Short, touch of young spirit and then coffee and walnut cake.

Very reasonable this, excellent sipper when warmed in the glass by hand for twenty minutes, I’ll let you all know how my mate likes it with lemonade.

The Captain.


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