Aldi Craft and Origin Series

Cheeky wee bottles of wine from Aldi, what’s not love?

I’m guessing this is a testing the water approach, 25cl bottles of “craft” wine from South Africa running alongside their full bottle wine range.

All are priced at £1.99 which would make a full bottle around six quid.

I’m not a wine expert, I’m really just starting to explore the depth of wine but I’m a huge fan of a more natural approach to wines so I’ll give my opinion and if anyone takes something from that I’ll be pleased.

Craft and Origin Organic Red wine 12.5%

Nose. Huge burst of sloe gin and blackberry, faint hints of something earthy and then something tart, like a gooseberry.

Palate. Tonnes of fruit, Blackberries, Raspberries, touch of spice in the background.

Very pleasant, I would drink a bottle of this no bother.

Food Suggestion. Barbecue or smelly cheese.

Craft & Origin Organic Red


Craft and Origin Moscato Rose 5.5%

Nose. The sweetness, oh so much sweetness, lots of candyfloss grapes (which are a thing, Asda sell them), Vimto, Sweet orange juice.

Palate. This is sweet, like a sparkling perry, lemon bon bons and candied fruit.

Food Suggestion. This has it’s place, it’s not at my dinner table but it has it’s place, it’s low alcohol too, it’s cider strength which would lend itself to a picnic in the park or down by the beach, honestly, straight out the cool bag, straight from the bottle, perfectly nice.

Craft & Origin Moscato Rose


Craft and Origin Gluten Free Cabernet Sauvignon 13%

Nose. Fresh cherries and melted chocolate, chilli jam, reminds me of a spicy gin, a bit.

Palate. Big and bouncy, tonnes of summer berries, dark chocolate and and a lingering note of spiced rum lip balm, which should be a thing if it’s not.

Yeah, okay, I’m sure people who can’t take gluten (is that the term?) need a wine, and it’s very pleasant so all good.

Food Suggestion. Chocolate, a nice big bar of chocolate.

Craft & Origin Gluten Free Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot


Craft and Origin Fair Trade Chenin Blanc Grenache 13%

Nose. Apple juice and apple flavoured sweets, some tinned pineapple.

Palate. Initial sharpness before a crisp apples and some of that pineapple coming on, lots of nice sweet, but not too sweet, grape juice.

Food Suggestion. Creamy chicken salad, possibly on a picnic.

Craft & Origin Fairtrade Chenin Blanc Grenache

Four wee bottles three of which I’ll buy again, the low alcohol number isn’t really aimed at me. I think these all work well although I don’t see why they wouldn’t work as full bottles but chucking a couple of these in a hamper for a picnic is a cracking idea.

These are a good way to try something new and are cheap, lively bottles of wine.

The Captain.




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