Aldi wines, the future is here.

I love wine, crisp cold whites on a summer’s evening, big bold reds by the fire all the usual cliches apply here, I’ll drink rose too, if no one sees me but sadly, well, it’s getting harder to do.

The hangovers just kill me, half a bottle of red wine even spaced out over an evening with a meal and I’m dying the next day, absolutely crying, white wine isn’t so bad for me but it’s not far off and so wine was being increasingly let behind but then something changed, natural wine happened.

Natural wine and organic wines should not contain added sulphates, they are seen as hangover free wine, now I’m not so sure about that although I’ve seen that mentioned in advertising, but when I was introduced by a friend to the world of skin contact or orange wines my world was changed, forever.

The less is more approach to natural and organic wines just seems to work for me, I can drink red wines again, I cannot begin to tell you how amazing that is for me and although organic and natural wines are hard to find suddenly Aldi have raised the bar once again and come storming to my rescue.

Before Aldi started stocking the wines I’ll be talking about shortly I was stuck with either online, Good Spirits (who are excellent by the way but a little out of the way and expensive and I can’t afford expensive wines all the time) or a couple from Marks and Spencer, no one else sells organic wine anywhere near me although I believe Sainsbury’s do sell a couple.

Anyhoo, Aldi now sell a range of wines aimed at “health conscious wine drinkers” that’s their line by the way, I’m one of the least healthy people in the Western World but let’s skip past the marketing and see what they have.

Now, they have a range of low alcohol stuff, okay, I see where they’re coming from but I’ll not be looking at them other than the 5.5% one I bought by mistake.

The first range is a 4 part 25cl bottle series called Craft and Origin, I’ve bought two so far, they are all priced £1.99 for which you’re getting a couple of glasses. They have those funky labels normally associated with small production outfits and the two I have are South African (I’m guessing all four are) I will review them all as one review over the next week if time allows.

They are also stamped with the Integrity and Sustainability certified stamp which is pretty obvious in its aim but I’ll leave a link to their website at the bottom of the page, but hey, it’s a good thing to be aware of you environment so thumbs up to Aldi.


The other two wines I’ve picked up are full bottles, both big and bold, the first a whopping 14% Shiraz which has the same label, is from South Africa and is called Earth’s essence, no added sulphates, no preservatives and under a tenner, what’s not to love?

My final wine is the Organic Pinot Grigio which I picked up a while back and haven’t opened it yet.

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There are two more to find which if I can get a hold of them I will but I’ll end up with a drink problem.

Anyway, I’m doing this because I believe Aldi are absolutely pounding the competition when it comes to selling wine, for them to sell 100% more organic wine than Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl and Asda combined is perhaps just one reason they’ve dashed ahead in the popularity stakes in fact throw in Sainbury’s and Marks and Spencer and I’m pretty sure they sell as many non traditional (I can’t think of another descriptor) wines as everyone else combined, that is remarkable.

I am not being paid by Aldi for this although obviously if they read this I’m happy to receive.


The Captain.




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