Clydeside Distillery New Make Spirit 63.5%

Sometimes you taste something new and it totally blows you away, like the first time you really get peaty whisky, the depth behind the peat smoke, the first time you taste a real sherry monster or you move into older whiskies and find those leathery notes that remind you of your old school library, tasting this new make was one of those moments.

If you follow me you’ll know I recently tried a New Make spirit from London based distillery Bimber and it is outstanding, one of the very few make spirits that I could just sip on it’s on, very gently mind, but sip none the less and now another new make and another perfectly acceptable sipper.

I’m not saying this better by the way, it’s quite different, but it’s glorious.

I am sipping this neat, I know I know, but it’s tiny sips, just enough to feel the spirit, let it sit for a few seconds, don’t swallow it rather just allow it to dissolve away in the mouth, swallowing later will then let you feel the spirit’s finish without feeling that burn you’d expect for a spirit bottled at over sixty percent.

If you trying this or any new make I would suggest taking half your normal dram size and allowing a good two or three hours to drink it all.

Nose. Pure hobnob in a glass is how I first described this and it’s not changed, malty biscuits, sweetness too, dried strawberries, raspberry jam and natural yogurt.

Palate. Those hobnobs again, creamy porridge, obviously there is a powerful spirit here too it’s brand new and over 60% but taken in drops you really don’t suffer from it, touch of palm sugar too.

Finish. Lingers longer than you would think, the hobnob is real.

This is quite lovely, you could easily sip this and it’s available to buy from the distillery shop but hey, follow my website and in March I’ll draw a name out the hat and I’ll send you a branded Clydeside distillery glass and a sample from one of my own bottles of their New Make, a small sample, but you don’t need loads, I might throw in something else too, depends on how I feel on the day but you’ll get those two things for sure.

The Captain.


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