A wee experiment.

Okay, so, a while back I had a dream, the dream was to buy one of those mini casks, fill it full of Buckfast and then after a fortnight decant it and then put a couple of bottles of whisky into the cask for a Buckfast finished whisky.

I have decided against this for a couple of reasons, the main one being if it all went to shit and it was beyond awful and I’d have spent over a hundred quid for a laugh.

However, I do have a plan, I have purchased a few bits of oak, a plastic sealed container, a bottle of buckfast and I’m still deciding which spirit to choose.

My plan is to roast the wee bits of wood in my fireplace then place them in the container and soak them in Buckfast, leave them to marry for a bit and then get rid of the Buckie and replace with a whisky.

The use of inner staves has been done before, I see no difference here.

So, who wants a sample when it’s done and if anyone has any ideas for what whisky I should use then let me know, obviously it needs to be cheap, under twenty quid, and it needs to be kinda mild.

Let’s do this.

The Captain.



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