The Clydeside Distillery Tour

The Clyde is changing, the old is being swept away and in its place new shiny buildings of glass and steel, media centres for the BBC and print media, the new Transport museum, sexy new flats and the Hydro Music and exhibition venue and now a new distillery but this isn’t just a new tourist hot spot, it’s bringing whisky making back to Glasgow.

Found it.

I’m not going to go into a detailed history of the firm behind the new Distillery there is a tour for that and after some deliberation I’ve decided that the best way to learn about the distillery is to visit the distillery and check out the website link I’ll place at the bottom of the article.

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The Distillery is wonderful mix of old and new, the old and new, the old Docklands pump house has been bought and a large steel and glass extension creates a clean, bright and airy building which is great to walk around and soak up the smells and sights.

The old pump house tower on the left is now the main entrance of the distillery.

Upon entering you are straight into the large and well stocked shop and cafe, they have made a huge effort to give off a modern feel without any of the cliched marketing associated with Scotch and Scotland in general. The shop has a decent range from all over Scotland, they don’t have any whisky to call their own yet remember, and they are also selling 20cl bottles of their new make spirit (review to come) and the cafe offers a nice coffee and shortbread, I didn’t have time for a sit down lunch but maybe next time.

The tour itself starts with a wee video which is a nice length, some distillery tour films seem to last an age, before a self guided stroll around a nice sized area with a nice wee animation and some other videos and objects giving you a history of the company, the area and whisky making in Glasgow.

I love the use of wood and steel.
The Hipster is strong with these two.


You’re then led into the more industrial area, where grain becomes whisky, the smells and heat are glorious and the new Copper Pot Stills are stunning, set in a huge glass room the views along the water are outstanding with the old buildings still being cleared and the new transport museum facing you.

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The rest of the tour involves tasting stuff and I’ll leave that part of the tour to them, I don’t want to give away too much and there will also be an option to bottle your own souvenir bottling from a Lowland, Islay or Highland distillery straight from a 10 Year Old Cask although that wasn’t available when I was there.

I really like the industrial feel to the place mixed with the old building, the local architects have worked wonders here.

I had a nice wee wander, it’s a nice tour if you’re into your history, they don’t have lots of their own whisky to try because they’ve only just started maturing spirit so it’s not that kind of tour, that’ll come in a few years I dare say, but this is well worth a visit and easy enough to get to via the Clyde walkway.

Can you tell I’m not familiar with doing distillery tours?

Thanks to the wonderful Bridgeen for the tour.

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