Weymss Malts Vanilla Burst 46%

First fill ex bourbon barrel at 46% are words I like to read on a bottle of whisky. I trust Weymss Malts though, I think they care about what they put into a bottle.

I received about a third of a bottle of this and I polished it off the other night so I guess I’ll do a review.

This is part of the Weymss Malts Family Collection, so this is their own family stock, this bottle is made from 1st fill ex bourbon cask from single malts, so it’s a blended malt from just two distilleries, which is interesting if nothing else and is limted to 4800 bottles which is pushing the limited edition thing a bit I’ll let anything under about 5000 bottles slide.

I think this wants a teaspoon of water and needs at least ten minutes in the glass, I think it’s best served after a dram of something else too, let the palate open up.

Nose. All the vanilla, vanilla cream and vanilla scented sugar, touch of pickled ginger, roasted pineapple and pineapple fizzy pop, tiny touch of youthful spirit, I wouldn’t have thought this is older that eight years.

Palate. Baked apple, frying butter, lemon and ginger tea, melting brown sugar, the youthfulness of the spirit doesn’t return, better on the palate than the nose, lemon and pear drops.

Finish. Over all too quick leaving a pleasant baked apple and sultana feel.

Very reasonable, Not quite on the same level as their batch strength releases of late but certainly worth the bottle price.

The Captain.


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