Burns Night, a Glenfiddich Experiment.

Burns is becoming a divisive figure, his rather interesting attitude to women and his known fondness for the drink has perhaps in some circles seen Burns being painted as a bit of villain.


I think as well when you picture a Burns night, what do you expect? Chaps of a certain age drinking whisky and red wine with their huge plates of haggis with a chap in a kilt doing a bit of Burns before the cigars and port get passed around, I can’t be the only one who has this image of a Burns night at the local Masonic halls.

So Glenfiddich, that ye olde Stag on a bottle brand, the ones who sort of gave us Single Malt Whisky, have changed their image a bit of late, the core range will, I hope, always be here to introduce millions to whisky, as I assume it does, with its light pear drop and oats whiskies all carrying an age statement and all well priced.

Is Mark small or just very far away, he’s far away and a gent.

But now, well now Glenfiddich are getting all avant garde, experimenting with whisky and all that, I’m not really one for mixing expensive single malt whisky with anything other than a teaspoon of water but if you’re insisting on making cocktails then the cocktails on display on the night were well worth bringing to the table, literally in this case.


The event in Glasgow’s superb SWG3 venue, second time in a week I’ve turned up here with a rakish smile, and when you’re greeted with a smile and an Glenfiddich IPA old fashioned, well, it’s certainly a good start.

After some chit chat with the lovely Brand Ambassador Mark Thompson and the chaps from PR gurus MullenLowe salt and it’s always nice to put a face to a name and thanks to April and Louise who were excellent and definitely deserve a pay rise for putting up with my drunken chat.

So then, the drinks.

The cocktails were brought to us by Panda and Sons, who you should all check out, and Edinburgh based firm they provided some jaw dropping stuff.

I mean a quality Old Fashioned involving custard powder and Glenfiddich XX to start things off and a Rhubarb and Apple cider thing with a bit of rhubarb, gosh they were warming us up well.

Then it came, later on, during the meal, a drink so sublime it left me amazed, homemade oat milk, Glenfiddich IPA Experimental whisky, infused honey water and orange blossom water, can you imagine what Zeus would drink before bedtime? He would drink this, of that I have no doubt.

What Zeus would drink before both battle and bed.

Along with cocktails there was food by Ben Eadie of the Edinburgh Food Studio it was sublime, I cannot begin to properly describe how good veal tongue and salsa verde is on the palate and the venison haggis was stunning, just stunning, I hope the pics I took do it justice.



Poetry, there was poetry, there was a wee speech and some well read Burns from Mark but the stars of the show, were the Loud Poets, a couple in their twenties who have far more confidence than anyone in their twenties has any right to have and they wowed us with their unique take on Burns giving us an English translation, beautifully read with passion, charm and wit they are worth checking out. I was lucky enough to sit beside them during the meal and both were excellent chat, so get involved.


Sorry, I’m not very good at doing review pieces on things which are not spirits, as you’ll find out soon when I try and cobble together a distillery tour review, so I hope some of the photos do this cracking event justice, I don’t fully recall getting home either which is surely a good thing.

Thanks to Glenfiddich for inviting me, as someone who rarely gets out it was lovely.






The Captain.

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