Eden Mill Art of the Blend Batch 2 43%

So here we are, literally a few months away from Eden Mill producing their own Scotch Whisky, so close but what I have here is one of the things Eden Mill have produced whilst we wait.

Eden Mill produce some fantastic gin, I’m not a gin man, not when whisky exists anyway, and they’ve given us a small amount of their own spirit drink but their art of the blend is a 43% blended whisky which they’ve brought in in individual casks and then blended themselves, getting into practice for when they are doing it with their own stock.

I’ve tried Batch 1 and it’s nice enough but maybe a bit light for me, this though is excellent, a real testament to quality cask and blending skills.

Made from whisky matured in Virgin European 1/4 casks some ex bourbon casks and some ex Ardbeg casks so let’s dive in and thanks for the sample from Eden Mill.

It’s 43% and is decent neat but I prefer it with a teaspoon of water and it wants fifteen minutes in the glass.

Nose. Woody and Vanilla notes come through, almost like a spiced rum, some palm sugar (palm sugar is a new thing for me but I’m mad for my Asian cooking just now so be warned) and a the merest suggestion of peat smoke.

Palate. Spicy, clove and raw ginger, lots of charred cask, icing sugar and then treacle.

Finish. BOOM, I mean just BOOM, big heat of peat smoke out of nowhere really, then it vanishes without a trace, very nice indeed.

This is a top bottle of blended Scotch, it’s forty quid and why anyone on earth would pour this into a cocktail as suggested by Eden Mill is anyone’s guess, it’s worth hunting down and whilst this isn’t an indication of what Eden Mill will produce in terms of taste, it’s certainly an indication that they know a thing or two about blending and about picking the correct casks.

The Captain.






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