Wester Scottish Spiced Rum 40%

Rum distilled in Scotland, something I can get behind and have done before with Dark Matter the aggressive and spicy rum from Aberdeen way which I’ve never got around to reviewing so really should, but I’m not here to talk about that, I’m here to talk about this.

I met the chaps who own Wester at the recent National Whisky Festival which was great fun but festivals are not the best time to sit down and review a product, no Sir, the best time to review a product is after Wester have given you a big triple measure to take home with you and you’re all snug and warm, that’s the best time, oh yes.

Wester Spiced Rum is distilled in Scotland using copper pot stills and is then infused with all the lovely spices you’d associate with a spiced rum.

Bottled at 40% I tried this neat, with an ice baw and then mixed with some Ginger Ale which is sort of my go to mixer with rum or whisky.

It goes really well with the mixer, it really kicks the ginger ale along adding another dimension, with ice, for me, it just kinda softened it a bit, if you take your spirits over ice then you’ll get on just fine with this.

On with the review.

Nose. Spicy, orange peel and then the vanilla sweetness. The spice is clove, pepper, Star Anise, touch of spent pipe tobacco too.

Palate. Drier than expected, many spiced rums are clawing but this is a bit more grown up, it’s a youthful spirit which carries a bit of a kick but it settles into rich and warming drink, ginger, more of those Chinese spices and pepper and then a touch of sweetness, treacle and honey, nowhere near as vanilla orientated than other spiced rums.

Palate. A lingering note of cherry and vanilla pipe tobacco.

Very nice. It’s complex, there is certainly enough happening here to not let it be drowned by other flavours when you mix this which is great news for cocktail lovers who actually like to taste their spirits.

Well done, and let’s hope this fledgling company does well.

The Captain.

300 Res Bottle Table



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