Inverglen 12 Year Old Blended Malt Marks and Spencer 40%

A 12 Year Old Blended Malt for thirty pounds, that’s a bargain isn’t it?

I got a miniature of this as part of a wee whisky set from Marks and Spencer but I’ll need a bottle now as it’s half decent and well priced, it’s the sort of whisky people who are just getting into whisky would like, a perfect starter whisky.

Inverglen sounds like a distillery but it’s not it’s one of those made up names Supermarkets sometimes use to Scottish up their wares.

Takes a little bit of water okay and would handle an ice ball if that’s your thing.

Bottled at 40% and if this just a touch stronger it would be right up there folks.

Nose. Light sherry, like sherry at a distance, peanut brittle, ends with some English breakfast tea with a touch of sugar.

Palate. A mixture of cookie dough and chocolate hobnobs, touch of sherry and some glazed fruit too.

Finish. Whoosh, Over in a flash.

This is an easy drinking, simple enough blended malt and I think when you look at other blended malts without an age statement but in glossy labels for fifty quid I think this is a bit of a bargain.

It is not perfect though and I could see why the more experienced whisky drinker might find this a bit lacking, if it was 43% or above then this would be a really heavy hitter but it’s worth a shout even if it’s just in the wee gift box.

The Captain.