Glenfiddich Pure Malt 80s ish 40%

Before single malt whisky became a thing it was all blends, which I would have been okay with as I like blends but progress and all that.

Anyway Glenfiddich kicked things off with their Straight Malt in the sixties and released a Pure Malt before the Single Malt craze really took off giving us their core range of 10, 12, 15 and 18 Year Old Single Malt whiskies.

It’s not particularly hard work to get a bottle of the older Pure Malt some pubs still have the odd bottle floating about and you’ll find a bottle or two of this at every auction in the world, well at least ones that sell whisky.

This bottle cost me about thirty quid and it’s the second I’ve had, I’d like the price to stay the same but remember I used to buy older bottles of White Horse? Well I don’t anymore because the cost has soared and I’m not paying fifty notes for a bottle which is worth about thirty, rant over.

Remember as well as rough as whisky can sometimes taste it is a delicate thing and whisky does change in the bottle so these reviews are very much my opinion of this singular bottle, it’s a thing about auction bottles which I’ll discuss on another post sometime.

This was opened, poured into a measuring jug and then replaced into the bottle, giving it a good airing basically, it’s been in the bottle, open, for at least a fortnight and I would recommend that for all older bottles, clear out the cobwebs and all that.

This requires a shorter time in the glass than some, I’d say around twenty minutes is best and wants a half teaspoon of water.

Nose. Metallic at first then starburst or jolly rancher sweets, pear, watermelon and apple in particular, touch of something herbal too, maybe some lavender.

Palate. Tinned pears and youthful spirit, lime pickle, still lemonade, later a touch of fennel and icing sugar.

Finish. Medium with a touch of bitters, brown sugar and tinned tropical fruit (an 80s reference for an 80s drink.)

I’d guess this is between 5 and 8 years old, maybe more on the young side with some much older spirit added in, it’s also had so long in the bottle it may well be very different from what was poured into the bottle back before some of the people reading this were born.

Still, these are worth trying out and if anyone wants a swap then let me know at the usual Facebook or Twitter addresses.

The Captain.


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