Chivas Regal 18 Year Old. 40%

Got a 20cl bottle of this a gift from a friend. I don’t really get on with the 12, I can think of so many more bottles I would buy for the twenty or so pounds the 12 Year Old costs but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this, clearly needs another six years sloshing about in a barrel to make it worthwhile.

A full bottle of this is under sixty pounds, which is not bad for a reasonably well aged blend.

It needs little to no water but does enjoy a good hour in the glass before really opening up.

Nose. Honey comb in brine, if that’s not a thing it should be, vanilla, cinnamon buns, quite a lot of wood, maybe a bit too much.

Palate. Oak and honey, imagine licking a barrel lid covered in butter and honey and you’re spot on with this, fresh orange juice and candied fruit.

Finish. Short and sweet with that wood lingering about again.

Nice enough, it’s one of those well balanced bottles which is reasonable, well priced and people will enjoy it and it’s an excellent starter whisky too, has just enough happening without it being complicated.

The Captain.



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