Glenfiddich 15 Year Old 40%

And here we are, the last of my wee mini run of the core Glenfiddich range. I know it’s all been a bit arse over tit with me reviewing the 18 then the 12 and now, finally, the 15 Year Old.

Matured in a Solero vat for a wee bit of a change it’s bottled at 40% and might well be the best of the range especially as it’s often on discount.

I bought a miniature of this in a wee three pack with the 12 and 18 but I’ll endeavour to pick up a bottle asap.

Like with all Glenfiddich I find this takes a wee half teaspoon full of water and wants ten to twenty minutes in the glass before you neck it down.

Nose. Oak and sherry (without water the sherry element is overwhelming) raisins, almond butter and I think some ginger, but like ginger that’s been dried out and dipped in honey and left out for a bit.

Palate. Sherry and smoked ham with clove and honey, white chocolate buttons, bit of wood and some marzipan and icing.

Finish. Lasts a while and gives you some ham covered with icing and dipping chocolate.

There is a lot going on here for a 40% whisky which retails under forty of your hard end pounds, well worth searching out.

This little mini series has really opened my eyes, I’ve been so wrapped up in the experimental range from Glenfiddich that I’ve not been paying attention to a core range which deserves a lot of credit.

The Captain.







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