Glenfiddich 18 Year Old. 40%

I’ll be honest, I only picked this up because a wee shop near my work was selling it for £35 which is just under half price, quality price, and it had to be done.

On the back of this I’m going to try and get the 12 and 15, maybe smaller bottles but this is decent stuff.

Glenfiddich is hugely popular, it’s well priced and well packaged, it looks the part doesn’t it? It’s often on offer somewhere and most of them carry an age statement.

You can buy this 18 Year Old whisky for under seventy pounds which is very reasonable when you look at the prices of some whiskies these days.

This is made from sherry and bourbon barrels and I think it needs a drop of water to help the whisky settle and needs a good half an hour in the glass.

Nose. Natural honey and kiln dried wood (which I use on my fire and is a thing before you start), marmalade and some fudge, digestive biscuits with butter.

Palate. Oak and vanilla, dates and spiced apples, touch of stewed tea, roasted honey glaze and roasted chestnuts.

Finish. More woody than I thought it would be and leaves a nice beeswax and honey feel.

This is a very solid bottle of whisky, it’s got a lot going for it, I think if you’re looking for a statement whisky with a bit of age to it then you’d do a lot worse than buying this.

The Captain.




  1. I totally agree that this is a decent malt, especially if you can get it at the price level you paid, it’s a bargain! I had a bottle in my collection half a year ago, and I paid 70 euro back then, and I wasn’t disappointed. Only minor drawback is the bottling strength- 40% is not doing any good for this malt. Imagine how good it could have been being bottled at 46%…furthermore I think there’s a dash of E150 added, also a mistake if you ask me. Besides that a very decent dram indeed

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  2. I imagine there is E150 but to be honest it’s never really bothered me, I’d rather it wasn’t there but I can live with it, plus I don’t think it’s a lot.

    Strength wise, yes I’d like to see it a bit stronger, the 15 Year Old Distillers Edition is fantastic and that’s just over 50%


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