Aldi Hogwash Blended Malt 40%

I’m surprised they’ve not been sued by William Grant here, the bottle, the label, a bit, the whole type face, it’s all a bit Monkey Shoulder isn’t it?

I mean come on now.

However this is a fifteen quid bottle of blended malt which is a good tenner cheaper than Monkey Shoulder, which it totally reminds me of, so let’s see if this is another belter from Aldi.

This works well neat, opens up and relaxes with half a teaspoon of water, decent as a mixer too, in fact it works a treat as a mixer with Ginger Ale or Irn Bru.

Nose. Without water there is a touch of spirit at first but with that half teaspoon of water and twenty minutes in the glass you get candied fruit, vanilla, honey, touch of wet wood too.

Palate. Honey and orange rind, bit like an old fashioned, toffee, bit of treacle and a touch of charred barrel, wee bit of clove and powdered ginger.

Finish. Short and sweet, that wet wood comes back, other wise, very good.

For its money this is excellent, it’s not as good as Monkey Shoulder but this is a fifteen pounds Blended Malt, it’s also a good bit better than the Glen Orin Blended Malt Aldi put out a couple of years ago.

The Captain.