Christmas booze stocking fillers

These are wee sets I think ya’ll would like and are easy enough to get hold of.

If anyone is in mind to buy me anything, anything on this list would be lovely.

Premium Whisky Gift Box Set Aldi, £12.99

Lovely wee set, worth it for the Ledaig and wee book alone. Available in store from Aldi and maybe online.Premium-Whisky-Gift-Box-A



Eden Mill Mixology box set

Pre made up gin cocktails, far too east drinking, I prefer these straight from the bottle, with a straw, nice and cold. Available from and some other places as well, Aldi also sell the bottles on their own.



Absinthe Explore Set

This is a bit expensive but you get three wee bottles of Absinthe, which lasts ages and a wee spoon, which I have never used, ever, but some like the theatre of melting sugar over it. Available at



Maynard’s 100 years of Port from Aldi. More Aldi with a wee 4 part port set, seems expensive but there are some seriously old ports here. Available from Aldi.



Maxim’s Spirits gift set. I thought they just did posh sweets but this is a little set of spirits, Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados and Whisky. Seen and ordered from Amazon.



That’s your lot.

Thanks for all the support and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

The Captain.







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